MusiCHI Suite Partners with GD3 Data

MusiCHI Suite Music Organizer & Player now offers GD3 as an additional data source

MusiCHI Suite has partnered with Get Digital Data™ in order to offer to its clients the world's first Consumer Quality CD Database, known as GD3. In addition to the existing data sources, FreeDB and, all MusiCHI Suite products now provide an even better way to tag CDs and audio files. Given that MusiCHI Suite is the only music organizer and player that can cope effectively with classical music natively, the fact that GD3 data structure is very classical music friendly makes this partnership a great fit.

MusiCHI Suite is an integrated HiFi music organizer to manage and listen to digital music, providing ultimate customization, unlimited size of library, incomparable tagging capabilities, and bit perfect output. It includes four applications (Player, Ripper, Tagger, Library Manager), each optimized for its task, where newly introduced fields (such as Instruments, Composition, Period, Performers, Style and customs) relevant to music classification can be used. MusiCHI Suite is a multi-library system, allowing for one more level of grouping, for example Classical, Jazz, World Music, etc. The Suite provides a reference database for classical music, MusiCHI Clean©®, which includes more than 2,500 composers and 7,000 performers, plus the full catalogues of the works of 16 famous composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc.

Founded in 2004, Get Digital Data represents a new alternative to the traditional "user-fed" CD lookup databases. Architected specifically to provide information required to rip CDs, Get Digital Data is the only database that is capable of qualifying every CD entered into its library. The unique qualification process allows Get Digital Data to provide the most accurate and most consistent CD data.

MusiCHI Suite can be downloaded through the website address:

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