What Can GD3 Do for You?

Media Servers that display cover art now have a choice from where they license data.  GD3 was designed with the media server product in mind and delivers the key data elements needed to drive a useful user interface.  GD3 is also available in a very flexible licensing agreement requiring no monthly minimums.  

The Webservice Advantage

GD3 is accessible through an easy to implement webservice rather than a complicated API that requires porting and development to work with your platform.  If your product can connect to the Internet, with a few additional lines of code, you can be using GD3 to provide all the necessary data for your CD lookups.

Flexible Licensing  

GD3 offers data licensing in packages that are right for your business, either large or small.  If you only sell a limited number of units, you can easily purchase CD lookups in bulk for your customers.  If you are a bit larger, and require unlimited lookups for each unit you sell, you can easily license GD3 on a per unit basis.  Even if you are large enough to desire unlimited access for an unlimited number of units, GD3 can arrange the correct structure to fit your needs.  Contact GD3 licensing at licensing@getdigitaldata.com for more info.

GD3 Statistics

  • 99% of all CDs are identified
  • Over 90% of popular CDs have “rich” metadata including 400x400 artwork
  • Over 70% of all classical CDs are identified with “rich” metadata including artwork

While sheer numbers of CDs are important, this shouldn’t be the metric used for database coverage.  A percentage of correct identifications rather than the number of titles give a much better reflection of how your database is performing.

GD3 was designed around the CD ripping industry and provides all the necessary data for presenting CD information correctly on a user interface.  Considerable attention has been paid for consistency in artist names, spellings, and genre mapping to present the most usable data set for a media server interface.

Still Not Convinced?

Try out GD3 for yourself.  Download our CD lookup application and sign up for a test account.  You can sample our data results and see for yourself how your user interface can improve with GD3 data.  GD3 Sign Up

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