Get Digital Data Enabled Ripping Service Available at Circuit City Stores

Select Circuit City stores offer in-store CD to MP3 conversion to assist their customers with the latest digital music players or PC services.  Utilizing Get Digital Data’s Encode Center software powered by GD3, Circuit City offers the fastest, lowest cost, and easiest method available today for converting CDs to MP3 files.

How The Service Works

At select Circuit City locations nationwide, the CD ripping service begins with a customer placing a deposit on a small plastic spindle to hold their CDs.  When ready to drop off, the spindle of CDs is accepted along with the customers encoding preferences and any MP3 devices, such as an iPod, for loading.  The Circuit City technicians load the Encode Center with the CDs, and with a few minutes for each CD, the customer will receive their collection of MP3 on either a set of DVD-Rs or CD-Rs, a printed index of their processed collection, and if desired, will have the MP3 transferred to their MP3 player.

Where The Service Is Available?

Circuit City is offering this service at 35 of its locations nationwide.  For an updated list of stores, please check the Get Digital website at 

Benefits Over Other Services

With all the CD processing is done onsite, Circuit City can pass along several benefits from the Get Digital Data solution to its customers.

Time:  Most collections can be converted to MP3 in a day or less, giving the customer the quickest possible turn around.

Security:  Since the customers CDs never leave the store, there are not worries about lost shipments, unknown or un-reputable processing centers across the country.

Cost:  Without the expense of shipping the CDs to an off-site processing center, Circuit City can offer a lower price than any other CD ripping service.

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