Who We Are

Get Digital, Inc, the partner company of Get Digital Data was the founder of the cd ripping service business.  As the founders, we had to overcome the significant technical and marketing hurdles on our own.  With this effort, we've gained a strong understanding of both the products and processes necessary to build a viable CD ripping company.

Some Things We've Learned

It became evident in the beginning, that while ripping CDs seemed to be fairly straight forward, the concept of ripping large volumes of CDs and large individual collections was a much more challenging task than anticipated.  The following are a couple of the key items learned.

  1. Accurate and consistant metadata is a requirement:  Ripping large collections emphasized the need for a better source of metadata by providing insight into the large gaps and inaccuracies within the commercially available databases.  This problem led to the development of GD3, the only database designed specifically for tagging large collections with accurate and consistant data, including the cover art.
  2. Efficient and robust automation:  To truely deliver a cost effective and scalable solution, a robotics solution was a necessity.  Due to robotics, Get Digital, Incs turn-around time for collections less than 1000 CDs is typically 1 day.   This compares to approximately 1 week for other service providers.  Encode Center software automates both the ripping of cds and the burning of DVDs.

Leverage Get Digitals Experience to Hit the Ground Running

Get Digital Data has invested significantly in creating Encode Center software powered by the GD3 database to create the only true CD ripping solution. Now, this software is available to customers looking to either start or enhance their CD ripping business.  With this solution, you can now deliver a professional grade service right from the beginning.

Encode Center Pro

Get Digital Data’s Encode Center Pro software can be a key element in your value offering for your clients.  Using Encode Center Pro, and the robotic changer of your choice, you can easily transfer your clients CD collection to any media server device.  

  • Encode Center Pro consists of Get Digital’s Encode Center and AudioGroomer by Ripfactory.
  • Encode Center enables all the CD ripping and automated DVD burning functions and AudioGroomer gives you the ability to easily view and edit the collection as well as format the results for any specific media center.

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