DVD Loader™ Bulk DVD importing software by GD3 Data, LLC.
DVD Loader™ by GD3 Data™ is the first ever software solution available designed to assist you in providing a DVD importing service to your customers. Engineered by the inventors of the CD ripping service, DVD Loader in combination with GD3 DVD Editor is a full service application suite that provides solutions for every aspect of DVD importing for DVD server products. Note: DVD Loader does not perform DVD decryption and is unable to import encrypted DVDs without 3rd party software.

  • DVD Importing
  • GD3 Database support for consistency & accuracy
    • High Resolution Cover Art, Titles, Actors, Crew, Publication Date, Genres, etc.
    • Direct Get Digital Data licensing to the GD3 database.
  • Logging
    • On-screen DVD importing log to visually verify every DVD completed by an automated process
    • Review and qualify DVDs to insure quality of delivered product
  • Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista
  • Windows .NET Framework 3.5
  • Broadband Internet connection

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